A 14 Day Luxury Golf Tour Sri Lanka

Golf, City Tours, Safaris, and A Lot More on This Fun-filled Tour

Golf is not the first sport you would think of when you think about Sri Lanka. The country’s official national sport is volleyball, although Cricket, Rugby, and Football, along with athletics, swimming and boxing are among the top spectator sports in the country. Golf does not even make it close to the top 10 in terms of popularity. Despite this, Sri Lanka is home to at least three internationally renowned world-class golf courses, all of which you get to tee off in during your tour. From the Royal Colombo Golf Course, somehow located within the busiest city in the country, to the Royal Nuwara Eliya Golf Course up in the hills, these courses provide you moderately challenging golfing experiences.


Although golf is a major part of it, this tour does not just take you from one golf course to another and leave you at the airport. We have some fun experiences and exciting sites for you to visit throughout the tour. Hop from one city to another and take in the best of what they have to offer. 

No two cities in Sri Lanka are alike, and there is something unique that sets each of these cities apart – from the metropolis of Colombo to the charm of Kandy to the cool climate of Nuwara Eliya and the southern hospitality of Galle – making for a tour that is filled with a lot of culture, heritage sites, and most of all, fun.

Yala National Park, known for its population of wild leopards and other incredible wildlife, shows you yet another facet of this tiny island nation.


Nuwara Eliya



Tour Highlights

  • You will be golfing in Royal Colombo Golf Club.
  • Take the Dodgy Bar Tour with Mark.
  • Experience an amazing ride through Colombo in a World War II Jeep
  • Visit the Sacred Temple of the Tooth Relic in Kandy.
  • Play golf in the scenic Victoria Golf & Country Resort Scenic Train Journey through salubrious hills
  • Tea tasting with the Masters
  • Enjoy a round of golf in the cool climes of Little England
  • Embark on a Safari at the Yala National Park
  • Luxury Tented Camping at Yala
  • Visit the Dutch Fort in the southern city of Galle, a UNESCO World Heritage site


  • Day 01 to Day 03: Tee off at Royal Colombo Golf Club, go on a unique bar crawl in Colombo, and take a Colombo city tour in an authentic WWII era Jeep.
  • Day 04 to Day 07: Play Golf at the Victoria Golf & Country Club and visit the city of Kandy, including the Temple of the Tooth Relic.
  • Day 08 to Day 09: Golf in the Royal Nuwara Eliya Golf Club and go on a one-of-a-kind tea tasting adventure in the cool climes of the Hill Country.
  • Day 10 to Day 11: Visit the Yala National Park and embark on multiple safari tours during the two days. You will be staying in a camp adjacent to the National Park, too!
  • Day 12 to Day 13: Spend two days in Galle, visiting the Dutch Fort and the rest of this colourful southern city. 
  • Day 14: You will go to the airport for your departure.

Included in the Tour Price

  • Air-conditioned chauffeur-driven luxury vehicle(s) and guides during the entirety of the tour.
  • Accommodation in a shared double room at hotels according to your budget on a bed & breakfast basis. All meals will be provided while camping in Yala.
  • Entrance fees to all sites mentioned in the itinerary


Excluded from the Tour Price

  • Expenses of a personal nature such as laundry, telephone charges, and beverages
  • Photo and video permits at sightseeing locations
  • All meals other than those specified above
  • Air Tickets
  • Any expenses for extra activities
  • Travel Insurance

A Fortnight of Golf, Culture, and Nature

You will be met at the Bandaranaike International Airport by one of our representatives and you will take the short drive to Colombo, where you will stay the first three nights of this tour. 
Your first golfing experience in Sri Lanka will be at the Royal Colombo Golf Club. It is almost inconceivable that a full golf course exists in the heart of a busy city such as Colombo, but this course, which has stood for over 135 years, has defied all expectations and to this day thrives as a location of choice for golf enthusiasts around the country and visitors alike. Located in an area totalling 96 acres, this carefully landscaped course is also a haven for some rare species of flora and fauna, the most common being a wide range of birds that visit the area seeking refuge from the busy areas of the city. This is one of the few golf courses in the world that has an active railway line going across it (at the 6th hole), adding to its attractiveness. The Royal Colombo Golf Club is thought to be the second oldest golf club in the world outside of the UK. The clubhouse displays memorabilia from its earlier days that show how much the game has changed, and how much it has remained the same. The course itself consists of 18 holes, with 6560 Yards of Black Tees, 6303 Yards of White Tees, and 5186 Yards of Ladies Tees. The fairways are laid with Buffalo Grass (also known as Crab Grass) and the greens are laid with Tifeagle. Practice facilities include a 20-bay covered driving range, a practice putting green, and a practice pitching green.
For those of you who look for a different kind of experience, Colombo delivers some of the best. You will go on the “Dodgy Bar Tour with Mark”, a night of fun and revelry in a bar crawl like no other. Your effervescent guide Mark will get the ball rolling for the night as he will take you in and out of the many ‘dodgy’ bars tucked away in the Fort and Pettah areas of Colombo. This is off-the-hook bar life in Colombo at a personal level. Mark is quite knowledgeable about the bars and will throw titbits of information about them as you go along. The tour will take you to five bars, where you will get to taste the spirits that each one has to offer. This is the perfect opportunity to mingle with fellow revellers and to see the hectic Fort and Pettah areas in a completely different light. Fun guaranteed; hangovers optional!
We have yet another quirky adventure lined up for you in the city of Colombo. Take a city tour in an authentic WWII era military jeep from 1942 that has been repurposed for this purpose. You will have an “Off Road” experience in the middle of a city!
You will stay overnight in a luxurious hotel in Colombo (B & B).
After the hectic tours of Colombo, you will be spending as many as four days in the Hill Capital of Kandy, so named as it is nestled high up in the central hills of Sri Lanka. Once the capital city of the country, Kandy is now looked upon as a treasure-trove of culture and heritage. 
Opened in 1998, the Victoria Golf & Country Club is ranked as one of the world’s most beautiful golf courses, and was designed by Donald Steel & Co. Set in the cool climate of the central hills to take advantage of the undulations of the land; the scenery at this golf course is on par with the best in the world. With the Knuckles Mountain Range in the backdrop, and the vast Victoria Reservoir in view, as well as some amazing bird and animal life that live in the area, you would feel like you are golfing in a dream world. The course itself is a 73 par 6933 yard 18-hole championship golf course, with narrow fairways, a natural dog-leg, and subtle hazards, which combine to make it a challenging course. It is maintained to USPGA standards, and is well complemented by an equestrian centre, swimming pool, and tennis courts, making it part of a larger high-end residential development complex. Watch out for the 6th hole, which as a tee position that is 100 feet above the fairway, making it the most spectacular par four in the country. The other holes have their quirks as well, but we will let you find them out for yourself! The Victoria Golf and Country Club is a 45 minute drive from Kandy city via a scenic drive through the hills.
The city of Kandy itself is postcard-worthy everywhere you look. The most striking feature in Kandy, and the most visited attraction in the city, is the Temple of the Tooth Relic (Dalada Maligawa), a UNESCO World Heritage Site. This temple is the most sacred location for Buddhists all over the world, as it contains a piece of tooth extracted from amidst the ashes of the Buddha’s funeral pyre over 25 millennia ago. The tooth is a symbol of power in the country, having being under the patronage of Sinhala kings from the time it was smuggled to the island in the 4th century to 1815, when the Sri Lankan Royal line was abolished by the British. The tooth has survived despite adverse conditions and has been moved from one capital city to another throughout Sri Lanka’s history. At its presumed final resting place in Kandy, where it was brought in the late 16th or early 17th century, it lies under maximum security inside a golden casket specially created for it. The city of Kandy is best known internationally for the annual procession known as the Kandy Esala Perahera, a colourful spectacle that brings together hundreds of cultural items, including whipcrackers, drummers, dancers, fire-twirlers, and acrobats, all of which pale in comparison to the many well-adorned elephants that take part in the procession. The casket carrying the sacred tooth relic is carried by an especially well-behaved tusked elephant, as has been the tradition since records have been around. Sri Lankan elephants are especially suited for this task, as they have a flat back that allows the casket to be placed there without it toppling over. The procession is held every year to invoke blessings and an offering to the gods asking for favourable weather for the year to come. The temple contains several museums and shrines that details its history.
You will stay overnight in a luxurious hotel in Kandy (B & B).

After breakfast in Kandy, embark on a scenic train ride from Kandy to Nanu Oya, and get driven to the city of Nuwara Eliya. Higher up than Kandy, Nuwara Eliya is consistently the coldest city in the country owing to its elevation. Also known as Little England for its climate and architecture left behind by the British, Nuwara Eliya is home to the second oldest golf club in Sri Lanka, and one of the oldest in Asia. The Royal Nuwara Eliya Golf Club was established in 1889 at the foot of Mount Pidurutalagala, the highest peak in the country. This 18-hole course gives you a moderate 6075 yards at a par of 71. The fairways are long and narrow, and are bordered by tall pines and dense shrubbery. The course contains many water hazards, and the trek from the first hole to the 18th takes players on uphill and downhill treks. This means that good positional play is required.

The area surrounding the golf course is adorned by some of the finest tea plantations in Sri Lanka. Tea (Camellia sinensis), originally from China, was brought to Sri Lanka as a cash crop by British planters in the 19th century as an experiment. The combination of perfect weather conditions, fertile soil and mineral-rich air meant that tea had found its perfect habitat. No visit to Nuwara Eliya is complete without a visit to a tea plantation. You will get a chance not just to visit the plantation, where you will see women in brightly coloured clothing plucking tea leaves, but also to the factory where the tea is processed to its final form. The flavour and appearance of tea varies according to climactic conditions, topography, fertiliser, and the manufacturing process. Tea grown in Sri Lanka maybe a deep shade of reddish brown (Black Tea) or it may be a light shade of yellow (Golden Tea). Which teas leave the factory for mass consumption and which teas don’t make the grade is decided by a skilled set of trained individuals – tea tasters. Watching tea tasters go about their job is quite a surreal experience. They will use a large spoon to noisily slurp the tea into their mouths to ensure that the tea is mixed with a good quantity of air so that the flavour spreads equally across the taste receptors on the tongue. Afterwards, the tasters will spit the tasted tea into a spittoon, and repeat the process with the next sample. You will get a chance to try this method out for yourself. What will your taste buds tell you? Can you tell one from the other? 

You will stay overnight in a luxurious hotel in Nuwara Eliya (B & B)

After breakfast in the cool hills of Nuwara Eliya, you will be driven southeast to Yala for a wildlife experience that is hard to beat.

 Yala National Park is Sri Lanka’s second-largest national park and is the most visited owing to its richness in wildlife and its close proximity to the sacred city of Kataragama. Consisting of dry and mixed evergreen forests, bodies of water, scrublands, brackish lagoons, riverine forests, and open grasslands, the Yala National Park is home to a large variety of mammals, including spotted deer, barking deer, chevrotains, Sambhur deer, wild boar, several species of primate, water buffalo, jackals, hares, and the occasional Sri Lankan sloth bear. Yala National Park is also one of the best locations in the country in which to see Sri Lankan elephants in the wild. It is the best destination in the world to see wild leopards. The Sri Lankan leopard (Panthera pardus kotiya) is a sub-species of the Asian leopard, and has adapted quite well to the conditions available for them in the country. The largest mammalian predator in Sri Lanka by a long way, Sri Lankan leopards are majestic to look at, although elusive and hard to see owing to their camouflage-like spots. Yala National Park is said to be the only national park in the world to have a leopard density of more than one leopard per square kilometre. Although this may sound sparse in human terms, it has to be understood that leopards are highly territorial and are protective of what’s theirs. 

Yala National Park is also a haven for bird watchers. More than 200 species of birds have been recorded at the Yala National Park, including the rare black-necked stork (the largest bird in the country), painted storks, green bee-eaters, Sri Lankan Jungle Fowl (endemic, and Sri Lanka’s national bird), peacocks, and a wide variety of birds of prey, including eagles, hawks, and owls. 

Your experiences at the Yala National Park will be in the confines of a specially made 4WD Safari Jeep, with the services of an experienced guide or naturalist, who, with their many years of experience, will be the best to point out the different wildlife that you will see in the national park. You will have several Safari experiences – in the early mornings and late afternoons – during this tour, so if you miss something once, you will invariably get another chance.

You will stay overnight in a Safari Camp in Yala with all meals provided.

After breakfast in Yala, you will leave the camp to go south and take a scenic drive along southern coast. Your destination is the city of Galle, the largest in southern Sri Lanka, and a hub of business, culture, and transportation in the Southern Province. Galle is thought to be the biblical seaport of Tarshish, from where King Solomon imported ivory, peacocks, and other valuable items. The city’s port has been used throughout history for trade and fishing, and is to this day an important seaport of Southern Sri Lanka. 

The most striking feature of the city of Galle is the 17th Century Dutch Fort, which served as a defensive structure to protect the south from invaders. Originally built at the same location but on a smaller scale by the Portuguese in the 16th century, the Dutch rebuilt the fort in 1663, having taken over the city by force in 1640. The Dutch East India Company exerted dominance over the waters and coastline of the country by building several such forts. Galle is the best-preserved out of all of these forts. Fortified using solid granite and decorated ornately using materials from all over the world (even their home country of the Netherlands), the Dutch Fort is an early symbol of globalisation. The fort has three bastions known as “Sun”, “Moon”, and “Star”.  Although this UNESCO World Heritage Site still bears the marks of its military past, today, it is a city within a city. As many as a thousand people live within its walls, and Galle’s courthouses are located within it as well. Schools, shops, places of worship, and a lighthouse, along with some trendy restaurants, rustic boutiques selling colourful souvenirs, several museums, and even a beach are features of the Fort. Spending more than one day exploring the fort is recommended. 

You will stay overnight in a Luxury hotel in Galle (B & B).

After breakfast at Galle, you will be driven back to the Bandaranaike International Airport, where you will depart the island.


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